The TraceRoute function returns the router path between the local host and the supplied destination IP address.

function TraceRoute(
Options: PTraceRouteOpt;
tResult: PTraceRouteResult;

Callback: FTraceCallback
): DWORD; stdcall;


[in] Specifies a record with Trace Route information to process.
[out] Result linked list record for returning hop information.
[in] Specifies a callback function to receive every hop Result. Provides real time information.

Return Values

Return any one of the following values on error, otherwise ERROR_SUCCESS on success.

Value Meaning
ERROR_NTPERM Traceroute failed. Most likely user is not logged in as administrator on Windows NT.
ERROR_NOSTRUCT Options structure was invalid.
ERROR_BADSIZE Options structure size was incorrect.
ERROR_DESTINATIONUNREACHABLE The destination is unreachable.
ERROR_UNKNOWNERROR Unknown error during route.
ERROR_TIMEOUTFAIL The request timed out.
ERROR_HOPEXCEEDED Not enough hops to trace to the destination addresss.
ERROR_INVALIDIP The destination IP address is invalid.


tResult must be passed in as a variable, but do not allocate it. The TraceRoute function will allocate all necessary memory in this structure. To free tResult, use the FreeTraceRt function.


Network Statistics 1.2 Full
Header: declared in tnstat.pas.
Header: declared in nstatdll.pas.
Library: nstat.dll

See Also

Network Statistics Function Reference, TRACEROUTEOPT, TRACEROUTERESULT, FreeTraceRt

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