Network Statistics

Network Statistics (nstat) is a replacement utility for the Adapter Icon built into Windows 2000 and Windows XP. However not just limited to those operating systems, nstat will run on Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT 4.0 SP6 with IE 5.5+ also.

Network statistics information is updated every second. This utility works much better than provided by Windows. Some adapters only show packet count and offer limited options or incorrectly state byte counts. Unfortunately nstat is missing the disable and properties buttons and they will be included when the undocumented API functions that makes these work are found.

Nstat also reports IP addresses (releasing and renewing dynamic addresses is also supported), subnet masks, DNS server, DHCP servers, WINS servers and adapter information. It is Windows XP compliant for Themes and observes proper Windows application behavior.

Registered Version

The registered version of network statistics adds features including network provider (workgroup and domain) listings which shows you a tree view from networks down to servers and shares. Bandwidth usage is graphed on a line graph with a separate upload and download line. All TCP connections are also shown on the Connections tab. Reverse DNS lookups are supported by right clicking the TCP connection list.

Network Statistics lists adapter details such as active network connections, Time To Live settings, Datagrams, and other Transport Control Protocol statistics. The connection listing supports reverse DNS lookups which are helpful for determining what ports your computer has open and connected to what computer and also includes a trace route utility available on all connections to tell you where they are coming from.

This utility helps you see what exactly is happening with your network connection. Determine if networking software is in use that you don't know about or keep an eye on your throughput. Also simplifies releasing and renewing adapter IP addresses in Windows NT, 2000 and XP.

Adapter settings can be modified so that Network Statistics acts and reports information that you want. Options for configuring byte count displays and renaming adapters in all versions of Windows are included. Windows NT, Windows XP Themes and multi-threading support with Windows Networking and Trace Route features are included as is a plugin API for extending the application.

New in version 1.22 is a much more stable trace route utility and improved memory usage. Fixed problems running on Windows 2000 Servers and other minor bug fixes.

The download available is the full version for a 30 day trail. If you decide Network Statistics is useful, register the software online to continue using all of the features. Once the 30 day trail period expires, the General and Support tabs will still be available. Upon registration you will receive a registration code to continue using networking information, adapter usage, connections, connection details, adapter utilities, and more.

Email support and included is a small context help file.

(677k) Network Statistics 1.22 - Download from HPL Software
(450k) Network Statistics 1.22 Zip File - Download from HPL Software

Registration Details

Error running setup? Download the appropriate Windows Installer.
Windows Installer 2.0 for Windows NT4 and 2000 - Download from Microsoft
Windows Installer 2.0 for Windows 95, 98 and ME - Download from Microsoft

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