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MP3 Decoder is an excellent utility for converting MP3 files into WAV files for writing to Audio CD or editing. MP3 Decoder also supports batch processes and file management. It will convert MPEG3 Layer 1, 2 and 3 files into WAV format.

The main reason for decoding MP3 files to WAV is to write the tracks to CD-R Audio for playback in stereo cd players and editing. Editing a MP3 directly is not possible, it must be decoded to WAV and then reencoded to MP3.

MP3 Decoder supports winamp playlists, batch conversions, file management for ID3v1 TAG management and easy filename normalization based on the ID3 tag.

This program comes with a seperate uninstaller to save download time. The help file is only available for registered users which offers in program help by clicking on the help button then the control you need help with. In the help file there are tutorials and how to get started with common tasks.

There are many user interface features, such as the Decode Wizard which will step you through selecting MP3 files to decode. Support for Windows 2000+ Alpha Blending, multiple ways to perform each process (there are at least 5 ways to add files to the decode list), Drag and Drop support from the Windows' Explorer.

Decoding is fast and reliable with good application logging. If MP3 Decoder or your system crashes while decoding, just rerun it and it will pick up exactly where it left off.

This program our version of shareware. We will never nag you to register. Text may be shown displaying how much time is left before the 30 day trial period is up. You will never see a dialog box pop up or have to wait to start the program or have features disabled.

You are free to try MP3 Decoder out for 30 days. After this if you are not satisfied for some reason or just won't use the program, download the uninstaller and remove it from your computer. To continue using MP3 Decoder after the 30 day trial, you must register the program.

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