File Resequencer

File Resequencer selects all files in the selected directory that meet the wildcards under Search For and convert them to the standards set under Replace With.

This utility is great for converting a large number of image files or any files to a standardized naming scheme. A folder of 600 jpeg files of all the same theme with confusing file names are easially organized with this utility.

You can also select which files are to be renamed based on the Search For settings. The drop down combo box has a few predefined settings, but you can also just enter your own wildcards. Use the Replace With fields to tell the program what to change all the files to. Long files names are fine, and the Start with: text will begin the filename and for every file the Start At: will be incremented by one and placed at the end of the filename. The file extension won't be changed.

This program is free to use forever, however it does not come with source code.

No support offered.

(220K) - Download from HPL Software

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