MP3 Decoder 30 Day Trial, $10 Shareware

MP3 Decoder is an excellent utility for converting MP3 files into WAV files for writing to CD or editing. MP3 Decoder also supports batch processes and file management.
 Network Statistics $15 Shareware

Network Statistics (nstat) is a replacement utility that reports almost all configuration information on network and dial-up adapters. This program emulates and exceeds the adapter status windows in Windows 2000 and Windows XP, but Network Statistics runs on those and Windows 98, ME and NT4 with SP6 and IE6.

Standalone Utilities
 Windows Transparency Free with Source

Simple, yet powerful utility for controlling the Alpha blend on any window in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. This program is written for functionality only. Updates may be made along the way, and source code is included.

 File Resequencer Free

This utility will take all files of a certain type in a directory and rename them all based on what you enter in. For example, if you want to rename 1,500 JPEG files with all different names to Imagexxxx, this program will rename them all and increment the number on each image.
 MP4 Repair Free

Repair corrupted MP4 files on Windows 7.

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